Biomimicry Chicago’s mission is to learn from nature, cross-pollinate innovative ideas, inspire locally attuned design, and accelerate the path to a more sustainable Chicago. Toward that end, we:

    • Facilitate a growing network of professionals and students
    • Develop initiatives to transform our built environment
    • Design and facilitate biomimcry-based workshops
    • Speak to public and private audiences
    • Partner with local design organizations to bring biomimicry content to the people who will use it

We are deeply embedded in the local design industry and current and past collaborators include the United States Green Building Council – Illinois Chapter, the American Institute of Architect Chicago Committee on the Environment, and the Living Building Challenge Collaborative: Chicago. We also reach out to local institutions and non-profit groups to provide content and experiences for the general public, including Great Lakes Chicago Bioneers, the Oak Park Conservatory, The Lurie Garden and the Chicago Center for Green Technology.

Biomimicry Chicago is a local node of The Biomimicry Institute's Global Biomimicry Network.


Amy Coffman Phillips
Founder, The B-Collaborative

Amy Coffman Phillips is the founder of The B-Collaborative, an education and design consultancy, serving to catalyze and facilitate exciting, nature-based projects.  Amy makes presentations on biomimicry, facilitates workshops and brainstorming charrettes, and develops projects for clients looking to learn from nature to facilitate regenerative design. She co-developed a Naturally Resilient Workshop for businesses looking to integrate biological resilience strategies into their strategic planning, and is facilitating the development AskPlace Chicago.  Amy is a licensed architect, LEED BD+C, MBA and Co-Founder of Biomimicry Chicago.


Rachel MW Hahs
Sustainability Professional
Think Biomimicry

Rachel holds a Master of Science in Biomimicry, and is a Certified Biomimicry Professional (CBP), Envision Sustainability Professional (ENV SP) and project manager with over 14 years of experience focusing on sustainability, innovation and environmental consulting. Rachel is a systems thinker with a deep understanding of sustainability challenges from innovation and design through operations and end-of-life cycles. She develops and facilitates biomimicry-based sustainable innovation workshops and design charrettes, conducts original biomimicry research on the topic of disruptive innovation, and provides other related services including private and public speaking engagements. Rachel is the creator of Think Biomimicry, a blog and resource website that aims to enable people to shift from biomimicry-based ideas to implementation to game-changing disruption.