Deep Roots Initiative

Deep Roots Workshop

Dive into this initiative with us! Join us for our one-day Deep Roots Workshop, April 21, 2017 at the Lurie Garden. Register today!

Connect. Define. Learn. Create.

Biomimicry Chicago’s “Deep Roots” Initiative seeks to catalyze a collaborative process that brings together a diverse interdisciplinary group of stakeholders of the built environment to collectively work toward a new paradigm for the Chicago region. By understanding and learning from our native ecosystems, we can begin to create so-called “grey infrastructure” that performs as well as our native ecosystems, delivering on the functions needed for a restorative, sustainable and resilient future. The ultimate goal of this work is to create a science-based vision, process and suite of tools that educate and empower everyone in our region to learn from nature to solve the challenges we face. To accomplish this goal we aim to:


draw upon our deep cultural and ecological roots to (re)connect communities and their inhabitants with native ecologies and with each other


collaborate to define our dependence upon and participation in sustaining resilient ecosystem functions for a sustainable future


measure local ecosystem services in order to compare and contrast the performance of our built environment with our native ecosystems as they address the same challenges


develop a comprehensive approach that identifies existing tools as well as initiates development of new tools where necessary to enable stakeholders of the built environment to work towards our shared vision and science-based goals